“Jacket on, jacket off” – Mr. Miyagi even knew how to layer


Layering is one of the easiest things you can do with old wardrobe pieces. I have this issue with re-wearing outfits so in order for me not to break the bank by constantly buying new clothes, I’ve learned the secrets of layering.

I actually got inspired to write about this topic because of yesterdays outfit, a simple slip dress. Its alright on its own but to some it could be interpreted as too dressy, maybe even too leisurely as its something that they are used to wearing when they go to bed…keep with the time friends, theres no limits as to what you can wear in public these days. I decided to wear the slip dress because in all honesty, I was running late for work and didn’t have time to pick out a bunch of pieces, so I grabbed the easiest thing to throw on. Layering is a big deal where I work, we inspire people to get the top they want and the bottom they want, but not to stop there, turn that outfit from day to night by adding a topper. Toppers could be anything from a hat to a jacket – just an extra piece that transforms your look. I started my day with a suede jacket on top of my slip dress to give it more of a casual appearance then towards the evening, took the jacket off and rocked a more sexy look.



I am probably every sales associates favourite type of customer, I am so easily persuaded into buying crap I don’t need…I also like to spend money I don’t have – these are problems I am trying to overcome…slowly. When I first saw the slip dress I was on the fence, it was cute but did I need it? Probably not. Its not like I was in love with it, it wasn’t even really my style…well I bought two. That being said, I’ve had two slip dresses just hanging out in my closet for the past 5 months with only one of them ever being worn before, thats why I decided to wear the black one yesterday. Keeping with the layering topic, the last time I wore the other slip dress I wasn’t comfortable wearing it on its own so I threw a cropped ripped hoodie over top with an obnoxious sparkly choker and went on with my day pretending to be a basketball players girlfriend…thats what you see when you see the outfit too right??


The idea of layering always felt unnecessary to me because I was fine going out in a t-shirt and jeans on the reg (I’m so casual like that *eye roll*) once I discovered that I can change my look without having to throw clothes away because I’ve already worn it once was my saving grace!
Suddenly the cute little flower bralette could be worn out more than just at raves, I could layer that baby and wear it out under other pieces. I could throw on a blazer or some fur maybe even a deep V t-shirt, the world is literally my layering oyster!


I still love my jeans and t-shirt look, that will always be an easy go-to, but on those days when I don’t want to be ultra simple, I can throw on a leather jacket to edge up the look or even a hat to really change it up. (Same shirt, different looks!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 4.51.49 PM


Bodysuits are a great way to layer, I never used to wear bodysuits until I found one that I absolutely fell in love with, now I’m #TeamBodysuit. Their such easy pieces to layer with, you can wear them on top of something (like I did with the flower bralette) or under something like I did here with a caged mesh bodysuit and my off the shoulder button up blouse. Its all in the details, little things like layering really give personality to your outfit.


At the end of the day, its easy to go out in a shirt and pants, but you are a creative person, why not let that shine through your wardrobe…you don’t need to be extra, don’t onion yourself by wearing layers upon layers, I’m just saying why not grab a cute vest or jacket for your t-shit and jeans look…bad hair day? Grab a hat. Dudes used to do it in the early 2000s (and 80s), why wear one polo when you would wear two…or eight? #Layering


You know Superman does it too…He wears underwear over top a skin tight jumpsuit, a belt to keep the underwear up, then adds a cape! #Layering


Show your creativity, let the world know who you are, make they outfit yours! If you layer, theres less of a chance you will run into someone wearing the exact same thing as you!


Jackets, vests, hats, belts, blazers, bodysuits, fur…theres no end to what you can layer! Take my secrets and share them with loved ones, allow yourself to save some money by layering your favourite pieces you already have, don’t throw out pieces you’ve only worn once then buy more (like I used to do), recycle your looks, make them new again by layering!

Reading that last part over, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who would throw out clothes that have only been worn once… I’m learning!


Does Wearing Denim Make Me Cooler?

What do you call a pool full of denim?

A jean Pool.

Everyone who is anyone has something denim whether its a pair of denim pants, jacket, maybe a hat, or maybe you’re one of those trendsetters wearing a denim scrunchy…if you say otherwise you are a liar. Either way, we all mess around with denim in one way or another, So my question is…I obviously look cool in denim, but if I wear even more denim, do I look cooler?

The term Canadian Tuxedo comes to mind when you think ‘denim on denim’, I always thought it had a nerdy stigma that came with it…turns out it isn’t that nerdy and I totally dig it! (Oversized Denim Jacket: M Boutique $98, Jeans: M Boutique $98)

Throw on a crochet tank to soften the look (M Boutique $48) and a pair of white converse…just to be a little #Basic

Sometimes the Canadian Tuxedo might be too bold, so we split it up by only denim-izing our luscious legs and throwing on a pair of pumps to dress up the look! (Jeans: M Boutique $108, Shoes: Michael Kors $158)


I don’t know how I feel about a denim jacket, blue jeans and a denim button up shirt paired together but if you want to get crazy, why not try a denim choker?! (M Boutique $25)


‘Blue’ is the most common colour that comes to mind when you think ‘denim’ but it wasn’t until this year that I became a fan of blue jeans. I always preferred black denim because I thought they were more flattering…true, you can spill food on them and its less noticeable but I have learned to love both black and blue. Sometimes I’ll go wild and pair the two colours together – I’m such an animal! (Hat: M Boutique $20, Denim Bustier: M Boutique $58, Blue Pin Striped Blouse: M Boutique $58, Denim Choker with Rhinestones: $25, Black Denim: $118, Shoes: Michael Kors $158)



If you want to be super trendy, go ahead and rip up your jeans, the more holes the cooler. If ¬†you can’t do it yourself and decide on buying the pants with the rips already made, be prepared to pay more. Less fabric = more money. #FactsOfLife
(Black Already Ripped Denim: M Boutique $108, Shoes: Steve Madden $159)


So basically what happened here is; I posted a bunch of pictures of myself wearing denim, stared at them for a long time and decided that YES, more denim = cooler me. #ObsessedWithMyself

These are the facts; blue jeans, black jeans, mix and match, Canadian Tuxedo – looks cool, the more the merrier.