DIY Sliced Leggings

Lets Scissor!

The other day I was shopping around (as I usually do even though I know I shouldn’t be spending money) when I came across these super cool looking leggings, they were all sliced up in the front. I really wanted to buy them but couldn’t come to terms with spending $48 on one pair. I went home that night and couldn’t stop thinking about them…these leggings would make the perfect addition to my closet – I had to have it! Instead of going out to buy them I decided to try to make them myself.

I found a pair of old leggings that have been replaced by several new leggings so if I fu*ked this up it wouldn’t matter, I still have all my other leggings.


A little trick; find the seam on the leg and make sure its right in the middle when you fold the pant leg together.



I rarely measure, I am a firm believe in eyeballing so wherever you want to start the slices, have at it! You can make them as small or large in length as you like but generally you’ll want to keep about a cm distance from each slice so the fabric between the openings are thin.

Its really so simple, I think the most important part of this is having a pair of fabric scissors, they have a much cleaner cut than paper scissors will have.


A big shoutout to my sister Lindsay for being my little model, hope you like your revitalized leggings!

When it comes to clothing I have a tendency of cutting up and revamping, I can’t tell you how many pieces I’ve thrown away or had to use as rags in the kitchen because I’ve ruined them.




Theres really no right or wrong way – its all unique to who you are, stand out from everyone else, you don’t need to dress alike. Let those scissors help sculpt who you are, in your clothing!



My Blueberry Pecan Muffins with a Cream Cheese Topper

Muffin compares to my baking 😉

On days where I have an extended amount of free time and want to avoid cleaning my room, I go to the kitchen and either eat my bodyweight in whatever food I can find down there OR I bake…and then eat my bodyweight in what was just made. Today was a baking day.

As I scrounged through our pantry and fridge I found some great ingredients including; icing sugar, blueberry muffin mix, pecans, whipping cream, cream cheese, eggs and milk…so I thought “why not!”

First I started with the cream cheese topping, I just eyeballed this…my tastebuds did the measuring. I added the cream cheese, sprinkled in the icing sugar and added the whipping cream as needed. Then I stirred.


After doing that I moved on to the muffins adding in 3 cups of blueberry muffin mix with 3/4 cup of milk, 2 eggs and a bunch of crushed pecans.

Once it was all added into my bowl, I wiggled my nose Bewitched style and just like that my mix was ready! I wish, my arm was tired after mixing that, I lack upper body strength.

I spooned in the mix into my cupcake pan, I decided on mini muffins because 1. Food is always amazing when its smaller than its supposed to be and 2. I couldn’t find the regular sized muffin pan. Once my mix was added I plopped (gross) a dollop of the cream cheese mix on top of each muffin and stirred it up. I cooked my muffins at 350 degrees and waited semi patiently for 17 minutes….and cleaned this horrid mess…


Finally after all that, I’m super happy to say my muffins came out subpar! They look less than perfect but they taste like magical treats for my mouth.


I probably could have made a lovely loaf but I’m glad I have a bunch of Alice in Wonderland size treats for the week now!



I gave up bread for the month…I never said anything about bread CRUMBS

There are loopholes in everything

Summer is around the corner and with that comes the inconvenient efforts you make to get your body where you want it to be. I thought by giving up bread for the month I’d get to where I wanted to be, faster…keep in mind pizza doesn’t count (obviously) thats a dough…and never once did I say I was giving up bread crumbs.

I’ve been introducing more veggies into my everyday but to make it more fun and exciting, I create new ways to make my bland vegetables a fiesta!

First I started by steaming these bad boys – Broccoli, Zucchini, and Asparagus

While that was going down I prepped a pan with aluminum foil, a bowl for mixing, olive oil – extra virgin 😉 – and of course a hefty dose of bread crumbs…probably enough to make three slices of bread, I’m making up for the lack of bread I’ve consumed these past 21 days.

IMG_7853Once my terribly bland vegetables were partially steamed I threw them into the bowl, added my virgin, and sprinkled on those crumbs.

IMG_7856-1These veggie babies were ready for the oven! I popped them in and baked them for a good 25 minutes. I started at 350 degrees but then got impatient so cranked that shit up to 500…same outcome, right?

IMG_7858-2I always impress myself with how talented I am, these were great! I don’t know how often I will conduct such a veggie ordeal but at least now I know I can…okay, its wasn’t so much an ordeal as it was just something to kill time before work today. The clean up was the worst part. I hate cleaning, its the one thing I’m bad at.

All in all I’m feeling refreshed and hella healthy!