Does Wearing Denim Make Me Cooler?

What do you call a pool full of denim?

A jean Pool.

Everyone who is anyone has something denim whether its a pair of denim pants, jacket, maybe a hat, or maybe you’re one of those trendsetters wearing a denim scrunchy…if you say otherwise you are a liar. Either way, we all mess around with denim in one way or another, So my question is…I obviously look cool in denim, but if I wear even more denim, do I look cooler?

The term Canadian Tuxedo comes to mind when you think ‘denim on denim’, I always thought it had a nerdy stigma that came with it…turns out it isn’t that nerdy and I totally dig it! (Oversized Denim Jacket: M Boutique $98, Jeans: M Boutique $98)

Throw on a crochet tank to soften the look (M Boutique $48) and a pair of white converse…just to be a little #Basic

Sometimes the Canadian Tuxedo might be too bold, so we split it up by only denim-izing our luscious legs and throwing on a pair of pumps to dress up the look! (Jeans: M Boutique $108, Shoes: Michael Kors $158)


I don’t know how I feel about a denim jacket, blue jeans and a denim button up shirt paired together but if you want to get crazy, why not try a denim choker?! (M Boutique $25)


‘Blue’ is the most common colour that comes to mind when you think ‘denim’ but it wasn’t until this year that I became a fan of blue jeans. I always preferred black denim because I thought they were more flattering…true, you can spill food on them and its less noticeable but I have learned to love both black and blue. Sometimes I’ll go wild and pair the two colours together – I’m such an animal! (Hat: M Boutique $20, Denim Bustier: M Boutique $58, Blue Pin Striped Blouse: M Boutique $58, Denim Choker with Rhinestones: $25, Black Denim: $118, Shoes: Michael Kors $158)



If you want to be super trendy, go ahead and rip up your jeans, the more holes the cooler. If ¬†you can’t do it yourself and decide on buying the pants with the rips already made, be prepared to pay more. Less fabric = more money. #FactsOfLife
(Black Already Ripped Denim: M Boutique $108, Shoes: Steve Madden $159)


So basically what happened here is; I posted a bunch of pictures of myself wearing denim, stared at them for a long time and decided that YES, more denim = cooler me. #ObsessedWithMyself

These are the facts; blue jeans, black jeans, mix and match, Canadian Tuxedo – looks cool, the more the merrier.