$0.70 a Cup

COFFEE. Because crack is bad for you.


Who new I would find love in a cup-a-Joe? Well it happened, I’m head over heels for coffee. Literally. If I don’t have one to start my day I trip head over heels because I’m probably still half asleep. I’m trying to imagine what that would even look like…am I falling backwards in order for my head to go over my heels? This is besides the point, the fact is, I dig coffee but not like a true coffee lover who looks for that bold aroma in their black, bitter coffee, no, I enjoy my flavoured coffees…you know, for those weak ass b*tches. Don’t take any offence to that, I’m one of you, we just don’t do bitter, we like flavour in our beverage as we do in our lives 😉

When I was younger we had a Daisy Mart right near my house, its where I bought all my candies…and pirated DVDs (when that was a thing). Today, it has become a little piece of heaven, allow me to introduce you to Personal Service Coffee


I’ve only ever been in this store once before and that was because I was being chased by a bee. I decided to give this place a shot since I’ve been buying my Kcup pods from my local grocery store and already tried everything they had to offer. Immediately entering the store you get a burst of vibrant coffee scents…thats great! I wouldn’t want to be walking into a coffee shop and have it smelling like something else.
I swear I have never seen so many Kcup pods before…for those of you living under rocks, Kcup pods are little cups filled with coffee or tea, some even have apple cider or hot chocolate and you use them in a Keurig machine. With a simple push of a button you have a single cup of coffee/tea/cider/hot chocolate or whatever hot beverage your little heart desires…you can even brew over ice to make it an iced beverage…Keurig, are you hiring? I sound like I already work for you.

The showroom was a lot larger than I expected, or maybe its because Kcups really don’t take up that much space. You get a complimentary cup of coffee (or other hot beverage) while you shop around, I decided to try a coconut flavoured coffee. Instead of carts or baskets you get a Keurig Carousal that you can fill up as much or as little as you like.
While picking out my flavours, sales associate Irene, comes up to me with a tray of freshly baked cookies…um, what have I been doing going to coffee shops when I could have been coming here for fresh cookies and unlimited coffee flavours?!


I spent a good 35 minutes in the showroom just looking at all the different products they offer, I’m never buying a box of the same coffee again, mixing and matching is totally where its at!


I’m hoping they do seasonal flavours because eventually I’m going to have tried everything they offer! There are boxes of coffee as well for those people who love a specific brand, I have commitment issues so I can’t stick to one coffee, I need them all so I can have options.


They even sell Keurig machines…probably a good idea because those cups are useless without them (duh).

I really loved the little sitting area, I wanted to sit and sip my coffee with a cookie but I didn’t want Irene to think I was weird just chilling out in a coffee showroom all alone…I will imagine myself sitting at one of the tables every time I look at this photo. #SameDifference


All in all I’d say it was a great first experience! The atmosphere was a solid 9/10, I think some music could have really set the tone in there! If you are a fan of coffee or tea, maybe you just like hot chocolate or cider, I recommend you check this place out, it will be worth your wild (I know this is not the correct phrase but why would it be worth your while, your while?! Its worth your wild because caffeine will add that wild kick into your day that you obviously need because you are drinking coffee) *Change Approved!*

I bought 24 pods of coffee, I drink two coffees a day, so Irene, I will see you in 12 days!




Fruit Filled Chia Seed Pudding

Chi..Chi..Chi..Chia (Like those clay heads that grow plant hair – Chia Pets) but this is the Chia you eat.

Sick of toast and cereal? Looking for a healthy option for breakfast? *said in an infomercial voice* Allow me to share my Fruit Filled Chia Seed Pudding recipe with you, its easy…kind of quick depending on how fast you chop fruit…its delicious AND healthy.

I started with the chia seed pudding mix – I put about four tablespoons of chia seeds into a mason jar then filled the jar half way with coconut milk and let it settle in the fridge while I got myself ready for work.

Theres no limit as to what chopped fruit you use, today I decided on a plum, nectarine and apple mix. I like my fruit chopped up really small, its cute, easy to eat, and makes you feel full faster because there are so many little pieces for you to chew. I added all my chopped fruit into a container big enough for all the fruit with enough space for the chia seed pudding to mix in. This is something you can do before hand and just keep in the fridge.


Time to add the pudding…I like a bit more flavour in my pudding so I add a bit of honey and cinnamon.


Time to get mixin’


Okay lets just say what we are all thinking..”this looks gross” maybe so, it looks weird and almost mouldy but I’ll be straight up honest with you, this was AMAZING. Sometimes I like to go crazy and add crushed pecans or crushed walnuts…you could even add dried fruit if you wanted like dried cranberries, maybe even add some granola. I like recipes I can change up on a whim depending on my mood that day – this is something that is easy, healthy, and convenient to grab and go, just prep before hand and you’re set!




To The Love Of My Life

Unless you are pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you. #SliceSliceBaby

Dear pizza,

in times when I am wilting away, you are there. In times of pure ‘hangry-ness’, you are there. The way you let your grease drip down my arm as I bite down on your doughy base and gooey cheese is the most selfless act I have every experienced.

I like the way you taste at Pizza Hut, the way you have been deep dished, sauced up, and cheesed is utter perfection.

I like the way you taste at Free Toppings when a slice of you has been sitting out under a heat lamp for some time, the way your bottom is crispy and your top is together perfectly. I hate sharing you with the world and I have learned my lesson, I need to be more selfish when it comes to your crispy outside and doughy insides, I love you.

I enjoy the way you taste at Little Caesars, you are always hot and ready, I never have to wait. I also love the way you have been deep, deep dished, wrapped in bacon, and topped with bacon – never change – you are perfect.

I love how thin your crust is at Pizza Express, you make me feel healthy and refreshed…I never feel guilty for ordering all of you to myself.


I love the way you are personalized just for me at Spin Cafe, you are so freakin’ adorable and just like a new born baby, you are doughy all over.

We have been through so much together I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and I can’t wait to have you all to myself again.


You will always be a pizza me,


My Lettuce Pocket Surprise

*Insert corny lettuce pun here*

Feeling hungry and only have boring leftovers? No problem! I had leftover chilli and spaghetti sauce in the fridge so I decided to create something exciting…and a little healthy since I ate like a pig over the weekend.

I started with a cup of chilli and spaghetti sauce mixed together and heated that up.


Then I added sliced zucchini and green peppers to a pan and cooked those babies to soft perfection, adding in my favourite (most basic) seasonings – garlic and cracked black pepper.

Prepping was easy, all I needed while my veggies were cooking and my saucy chilli was heating was a giant plate of lettuce.


Once everything was cooked and ready it was all up to the presentation! I opened the lettuce up, added my saucy chilli, topped it with my veggies and sprinkled on some parmesan for a bit of a cheesy kick!


Once that was set I swaddled it like a new born baby!


The excitement was unbearable, I couldn’t wait to dig in…


These Lettuce Pockets had one hell of a Surprise in them – Ultimate Deliciousness! I’m pretty sure most of it ended up all over my face but isn’t getting messy the best part of eating? No, you’re right, eating is the best part of eating, getting messy is just a bonus.
I feel so content and pretty healthy after my crafty lunch – ready to seize the day!

If you try this at home, I suggest not wearing white…big mistake!




My First Italian Wedding was a ‘Successo!’

Am I Italian yet?

After countless shots and other beverages consumed, my evening was somewhat of a blur. My second pair of shoes were left in the car and not needed at all thanks to “drunk-feet” – drinking so much you don’t feel any pain that might be caused by uncomfortable shoes…or maybe the shoes were just hella comfortable. Good job Steve Madden, or should I say good job Sambuca.

There was a water fountain in the lobby with a grand piano where a pianist would play before we went in for dinner – he was on break I guess.


There was also a fancy little car – clearly not a car person.


Between the car, the piano, the champagne, shots, and cookies in the lobby, waiting for the reception to start was a breeze!

Matthew did not lie when he said their was going to be a crazy amount of food, those Italians sure can eat! I was pretty crummy at taking pictures so you’re going to need to use your imagination here. I’ll start off with the first plate of food I consumed…which I failed to capture because I was so hungry.


As you can see from the crumbs, I ate it all much too fast…a collection of calamari, muscles, peppers, baby corn, rice, potato salad, bread, Italian meats and some other nick-nackish foods that I can’t remember right now.

The second serving was the pasta dish, gnocchi and cannelloni – so creamy, so delicious! Honestly if this was the only dish I would have been happy with just that, it really hit the spot.


But no, it didn’t stop there, that wasn’t even the main dish! Servers came around with chicken, vegetables, potatoes, salmon, and salad…I was already so full but I didn’t want to be rude. So I filled my plate.


More beverages were consumed, I think there was dancing…I met a boy who out-danced me and thought it was hilarious so he kept doing it. He broke out into the worm, how am I supposed to beat that? If I wasn’t wearing a dress I would have tried…I hate losing, I don’t care if he is 6, I’d say it was an unfair battle.

Dessert was served, cupcakes and fruit, lovely mix.

After that, there was even more dancing…and because we danced so hard we would get thirsty – bless those open bars.

That child kept coming up to me and showing me his dance moves, when I decided we should team up he would just roll his eyes at me as though my moves couldn’t compare. Eventually I broke him down when I showed him the only magic trick I know – the one where you have something small in your hand and you have to make it disappear then reappear in their ear…yes, you know, the trick your creepy uncle would do to you when you were just a child and you would have to awkwardly laugh and act surprised so he would stop bothering you with the lousy trick. Well, it was a hit…too much of a hit because the kid wouldn’t leave me alone…it was fun at first but honestly, I just couldn’t keep up. He kept showing me all the magic tricks he knew which by the way, when he told me to close my eyes, I always peeked…so I knew the trick before it even happened. We danced and had fun but I definitely came to the wedding with someone else…who by the way didn’t rescue me for a good hour. #ThanksForThat

I took zero pictures of the actual wedding but I’d just like to say those Barbadians (Bajans?) on the grooms side sure know how to exude their personalities in their outfits! So much sparkle and sass, I absolutely loved it!! There were bright colours and so much sequence, some of them even wore fancy little hats…I felt under dressed standing next to them. The bride wore a gorgeous dress – I didn’t want to be weird and ask to take a picture with her because we didn’t know each other, instead I just took pictures of her dress.

I like how the skirt was very traditional Italian and the top was more Bajan style with all the fun embellishments – way to go Bride, bringing both sides together.

I had so much fun at the wedding, danced my little heart out, and got to spend time with some pretty amazing people.



This morning when I woke up I thought I’d never eat again because I was so incredibly full from the night before…I was wrong…

You can’t do Sunday without comfort food and Netflix with your Person. Its been an incredible weekend, Monday is going to suck so hard.




My Blueberry Pecan Muffins with a Cream Cheese Topper

Muffin compares to my baking 😉

On days where I have an extended amount of free time and want to avoid cleaning my room, I go to the kitchen and either eat my bodyweight in whatever food I can find down there OR I bake…and then eat my bodyweight in what was just made. Today was a baking day.

As I scrounged through our pantry and fridge I found some great ingredients including; icing sugar, blueberry muffin mix, pecans, whipping cream, cream cheese, eggs and milk…so I thought “why not!”

First I started with the cream cheese topping, I just eyeballed this…my tastebuds did the measuring. I added the cream cheese, sprinkled in the icing sugar and added the whipping cream as needed. Then I stirred.


After doing that I moved on to the muffins adding in 3 cups of blueberry muffin mix with 3/4 cup of milk, 2 eggs and a bunch of crushed pecans.

Once it was all added into my bowl, I wiggled my nose Bewitched style and just like that my mix was ready! I wish, my arm was tired after mixing that, I lack upper body strength.

I spooned in the mix into my cupcake pan, I decided on mini muffins because 1. Food is always amazing when its smaller than its supposed to be and 2. I couldn’t find the regular sized muffin pan. Once my mix was added I plopped (gross) a dollop of the cream cheese mix on top of each muffin and stirred it up. I cooked my muffins at 350 degrees and waited semi patiently for 17 minutes….and cleaned this horrid mess…


Finally after all that, I’m super happy to say my muffins came out subpar! They look less than perfect but they taste like magical treats for my mouth.


I probably could have made a lovely loaf but I’m glad I have a bunch of Alice in Wonderland size treats for the week now!



I gave up bread for the month…I never said anything about bread CRUMBS

There are loopholes in everything

Summer is around the corner and with that comes the inconvenient efforts you make to get your body where you want it to be. I thought by giving up bread for the month I’d get to where I wanted to be, faster…keep in mind pizza doesn’t count (obviously) thats a dough…and never once did I say I was giving up bread crumbs.

I’ve been introducing more veggies into my everyday but to make it more fun and exciting, I create new ways to make my bland vegetables a fiesta!

First I started by steaming these bad boys – Broccoli, Zucchini, and Asparagus

While that was going down I prepped a pan with aluminum foil, a bowl for mixing, olive oil – extra virgin 😉 – and of course a hefty dose of bread crumbs…probably enough to make three slices of bread, I’m making up for the lack of bread I’ve consumed these past 21 days.

IMG_7853Once my terribly bland vegetables were partially steamed I threw them into the bowl, added my virgin, and sprinkled on those crumbs.

IMG_7856-1These veggie babies were ready for the oven! I popped them in and baked them for a good 25 minutes. I started at 350 degrees but then got impatient so cranked that shit up to 500…same outcome, right?

IMG_7858-2I always impress myself with how talented I am, these were great! I don’t know how often I will conduct such a veggie ordeal but at least now I know I can…okay, its wasn’t so much an ordeal as it was just something to kill time before work today. The clean up was the worst part. I hate cleaning, its the one thing I’m bad at.

All in all I’m feeling refreshed and hella healthy!